Qualitative Research and Data Analysis using NVivo

Qualitative Research and Data Analysis using NVivo

Workshop Contents:

Introducing NVivo and setting up a project

  • Introducing NVivo’s workspace
  • Creating and navigating around a project

Importing and Coding

  • Importing Interview Files, Focus Group Discussion, Pictures and Field Notes, Data from Websites and Social Media
  • Introducing ‘nodes (codes)’ to collect data to support the themes, topics or ideas you identify in the data
  • Working with node (code) folders

Working with your themes and ideas and shaping your findings

  • Viewing your emerging themes, topics or ideas and their content
  • Understanding how and where content is being assigned
  • Moving, merging and aggregating your themes, topics or ideas

Exploring your data 

  • Using text analysis tools including word frequency and text search and coding queries
  • Storing and exporting your results

Models and relationships

  • Building and working with models as a way to display ideas
  • Creating and showing relationships in your data

Visualizing your data

  • Creating two- and three-dimensional charts to illustrate findings
  • Presenting query results as ‘tree maps’ and ‘word trees’ to show patterns in the data

Reporting and presenting your findings

  • Reporting the findings in the research paper or thesis
  • Understanding and Interpretation of results

Resource Person

Dr. Rab Nawaz Lodhi is an Associate Professor of Management at UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. He is also Visiting Research Scholar at M3 Center of Muma College of Business, University of South Florida, USA. He teaches MBA, MS and PhD programs. He has vast teaching, training, and research in Pakistan, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Netherland, Indonesia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and United States of America (USA). He has numerous research publications in Impact Factor Journals of Emerald, Sage, John Wiley and Sons, Springer and Taylor and Francis. He is also a Guest Editor of Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology (SSCI, Impact Factor 2.796), Emerald, for a special issue on Qualitative Research in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He discovered his talent in research, training and consultancy activities. He conducted training sessions from lower level to top level staff in different Government and private organizations and also provided research consultancies to the different project teams including USAID and Harvard University USA funded projects. He is an international trainer of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, mixed methods design and data analytical tools e.g., NVivo, MaxQDA, Atlas-ti, Eviews, SPSS, STATA, AMOS, Smart PLS, MPlus, etc. QSR International Australia certified him in 2013 as trainer and consultant of QSR NVivo 9/10 in Asia Pacific Regions. He is also a trainer of Modern Learning and Teaching Skills, Outcome Based Education (OBE), ICT in Higher Education, Blended and Flipped Learning. More than 50 universities and research institutes have invited him for the different training programs and funded research projects. He is very friendly and down-to-earth who always willing and glad to lend a helping hand to make the world a better place.